Blackjack Catering Florida Fun Casino Party. This is the best entertainment for any holiday: birthday, wedding, bachelor party, presentation,Blackjack party in the office or on the ...

BlackJack - the most popular game! Its rules are simple and clear, the game is fast and dynamic, and players get a real thrill!


The rules of this game are learned quickly by all the newcomers. They recall the card game "21". Only here has its own nuances and variations of the game. You do not need to worry if you've never played. Our experienced dealers will hold a small master class at the beginning of the party. At the same time the table can play up to seven people. The number of spectators - is unlimited.

BlackJack Dimensions : L-76, W-40, H-38 (in)
Number of players at the table up to - 7
We work at any location in Florida!
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